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Though the process for each project is a little different, I thought I would post about how I went about developing a logo for a recent client.  At the onset of each project I typically talk to the client about what they are looking for and what sort of aesthetic they find attractive. Some clients want modern minimalism, while others want rich, lively designs with lots of layered textures. I’ve found that everyone is different, and may not necessarily  share my aesthetic taste.  For this project, the client wanted a header banner for their business website that could also double as their company logo.  Below is the first round of mockups I provided the client.





The client decided they liked the best was the logo with the large, brown block lettering. But I felt there was still a bit of tinkering to do.  So with a few criticisms in tow, I set to work designing a second round of mockups from which they could choose their favorite.  As I get further along in the process, the variations become increasingly detailed.  To some these changes may seem insignificant, but for a designer they are incredibly important.  Here’s the second round of revisions:








Though I’m still awaiting the client’s word on their selection, I definitely favor the last image – the one with the duck flying through the ‘A’ of PARKER.   In any event, once the client makes their selection, I’ll create a series of exported files of different resolutions and format for their use on their website and future applications.  Then, I’ll send along an invoice witha link for them to pay online (though they may choose an alternative form of payment).  Every project receives this treatment – mockups, feedback, revisions, etc.


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